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WODcast Event Score Tracking

WODcast Event Tracking
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WODcast Event Score Tracking In Action

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Yo Affiliates! We feel you!

Hosting competitions can be a lot of work. You focus on rallying badass athletes, WODcast helps you track all of their scores through our powerful, custom WOD tracking app and broadcast the slickest event leaderboard that will have your athletes and spectators always connected in real time!

" I am really impressed with the format and support. I will use you for every event I have moving forward. It made us look professional and organized among the chaos of the event. " - Coach Randy, Mortal CrossFit
WODcast Events
" We used WODcast for our first competition and it was amazing! We can't wait until next year to host the comp again and to have WODcast as our scoring system.. " - Lindsay Marcelli, Owner/Head Coach of CF Eminence
Real-time Leaderboard System

Your own event leaderboard built to track WODs and rank athletes in real time.

Customized Leaderboard

Customize your event leaderboard with your logo and competition colors.

Broadcast To TVs and iPads

Easily broadcast live scores and athlete rankings onto iPads and TV screens.

WODcast Prizes

After accurately ranking the overall winners, we also provide WODcast prizes.

WODcast Pricing
" With over 180+ athletes competing we knew it was gonna be a busy event. We were really relieved to find WODcast to help us track all the scores. Real-time updates got athletes and spectators excited! " - Bennett Smith, Owner/Head Coach of CF Hoboken
Start @ $400

Score It Yourself

Your own custom-branded leaderboard and event scoring web app that you can broadcast onto TV screens and tablet devices. Leaderboard tailored to support your competition WODs and ranking needs. Scoring is entered by you and your affiliate team. WODcast provides remote support before, during, and after the event.

* 2 weeks lead time needed to prepare for your event

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WODcast Features

What Do I Get?
  • Custom TV/Mobile Leaderboard
  • Efficient Scoring Tips
  • Easy-to-use Admin System
  • Athlete Management
  • Custom WOD Programming
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